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Whatever is on our catalogs is the product you get.)

At Groflowers we take care of every detail of our flowers for that reason we make constant inspections on the size, color, and overall look of the products we offer. Also, having the best infrastructure to work with, we can become one of the best importers.

  1. Our inventory is full of novelty varieties in the hydrangea and garden rose side. We are a luxury garden rose and hydrangea shop where you can find all of the families of garden roses, providing our customers with a big assortment of colors and varieties. We provide you with 25 colors of hydrangeas and the best families of garden roses. 

  2. We are growers. We are a farm-based Miami distributor located in Quito, Medellin, and Miami.

  3. In Quito, we have a partnership with the highest altitude roses which provides our roses bigger heads, beautiful colors, thicker stems, and long base life.

  4. In Medellin, we have over 15 years of experience with high volume and high quality. We have sold over 500 million stems of 24 different varieties of natural color hydrangeas. Our credit margin is less than 0.5%.

  5. In Miami, we have our fresh inventory of hydrangeas or garden roses available to ship all over the United States and Canada. We work with J.A Flower Services with the best technology in Miami.

  6. We always deliver what we promise. Our products are full of freshness and always top quality.

  7. Regarding the Cool Chain, our cooler is at a 34° F which makes the metabolic process of flowers

  8. We have on-time departures from origin

  9. The exposure to temperature changes of the products in our cooler is minimal. the pallets leave the plane directly to the cooler facilities. The product also passes the quality inspection within the same facilities. All of these processes minimize mechanical damage to the flower due to exposure to temperature changes.

  10. Being an ammoniac-based cooler, we have the most advanced technology in refrigeration systems with minimal variations that fluctuate only by 1° of temperature.

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